• Bronwyn Forest

Ever Felt Hard To Love???

Updated: May 29, 2020

When I set out to write my new book, Two's Company, I considered what it's like to receive the message that something about you isn't right - that you're hard to love - especially from those closest to you. Unfortunately, many people get that toxic message early and often. I wanted Leah and Asher, the main characters in my book, to confront the way that message had been internalized and challenge themselves to be vulnerable with another human.

I think we've all felt hard to love at times, even those of us with the great blessing of loving family and friends. To remember that we are all human, full of foibles and failings, and to celebrate rather than rail against this, is the way we ultimately connect intimately with others.

Go forth, dear ones, and remember every day that you are lovable, special and uniquely you.

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